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Starting Your Own Business

First, Thank you for choosing So.savbeauty for your beauty + business needs. Extensive research goes into everything provided and is based on my personal experience and testing. In this article, we will go over how to start your own business or website. I will take you through step by step thoroughly explaining each and how to do so with links and resources as well.

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Finding A Niche

When finding a niche, it's best to choose something you enjoy doing and are passionate about to really make the best of it and make it work. If you cant think of anything try spending a week doing new things you think you'd like or bring back an old hobby and see if that's a good fit, be open-minded and always try new things, this will give you a sense of adventure and a new piece of mind as well. Here are some ideas if you are stuck; Health and Fitness, Cooking, Writing/Blogging, Beauty, Teaching, etc.

Business Plan

Creating a business plan is crucial to starting, It gives you a sense of direction and shows you where you are, what you want to do, and what you need to do to get there, without a base plan s#!ts gonna be a mess!

So where do you even begin? You have a niche, now you need a name and to create value, benefits, and or services from that. Something that has high value and high demand, that will always be of service to people, that is ideal for a long-lasting successful business.

Whether it be physical products or services, digital or downloadable files, subscriptions, courses, programs you name it. Make sure you have a solid foundation, beneficial offerings and consistently stay up to date.

(For physical products keep in mind "Inventory", Will you keep the inventory on hand? or do the dropshipping route and do it all online? )

Also, keep in mind you can never stop learning, always keep educating yourself in your choice of business no matter what it is, everything around us is constantly changing and part of staying up to date is knowing what people are looking for at the moment. This can only improve and benefit you and your business + clients as well, they will feel happier and more comfortable to know you are substantially growing and expanding your skills plus open to learning new things to make for a better experience.

Creating A Website

SO for some, this could be the fun part or this could be the dreadful "let's get it over with part" there is not much in between! Luckily there are options for both types to make the process as "pain-free" as possible.

You have 3 main options when it comes to building a website, you can go the creative route and build/design your own with the help of a website hosting platform like SHOPIFY, GODADDY, WIX, and more. Do some research and see what suits you and your category the best.

For more advanced and experienced users you can code your own website, this requires knowing how to code.

Lastly, if neither of those is your thing you can hire a web designer to design your logo and website, just give them all the fundamentals of the website such as what you want to be included so they know what you want. Again do some research and see what suits your style and niche best, remember it doesn't always have to be in your area.


First and far most the website is crucial but what's within the website is what really matters, obviously enough right? But you will need to familiarize yourself with terms like; SEO(google ranking), email marketing, how to read and increase analytics, and more which we will go deeper into at a later date, for now definitely take a look into "SEO" familiarize yourself with the terms, what it means how it works, etc.

Make sure your website is set up clean and organized, your information is easy to read, with the important parts/pages being easily accessible.

When choosing your name! Make sure to look it up and assure it hasn't already been used or is currently in use, choose something unique but simple and easy to remember. You can also trademark the name you choose so you actually own it and no one else can use the terms or names you provide, do this with your countries government agency website.

When registering your business you will also need to do so with the government agency of your country. Be sure to look up guidelines and restrictions/requirements to what you choose to do for your business, according to the state or province of your country.

If your business requires insurance look up your local insurance brokers and get a quote.

Privacy Policy / Terms and conditions,

Legally you need to add a privacy policy to your website especially if you are collecting data. Terms and conditions are also something you should add unless it doesn't actually apply to you. For Canadians, I used, just fill in the blanks and tailor the documents to suit your business' needs and it will be done up for you.


Once you have your niche, name, business plan, website designed, all the fundamentals and SEO requirements, are registered and insured if need be, You're Set To Launch!

I will go through how to read and increase analytics on the next one!

For now, I hope this helps and gives you some insight on what to do and how to make a start in the business world.

I want to thank you all so much for being here and staying until the end, feel free to leave comments and suggestions!

All of my advice is from research + experience and I just want to make the process of people becoming their own bosses and having the freedom they deserve as easy as possible.

Thanks again.

xoxo - SSB

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